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Parashat Beh‘alotekha

פרשת בהעלתך

ספר במדבר

"When you mount [the lamps]"

Aharon lights the menorah (7-branched candelabrum) and the Levites begin the service in the sanctuary. God institutes a second Passover for those who haven't had time to purify themselves for the first. The people start to complain and God gets upset, sending a fire that consumes part of the camp. Moshe grows weary of taking care of the little things of the people and is instructed to form a council of 70 elders who will take care of them for him. Miryam speaks ill of Moshe's wife and she and Aharon, jealous of him, go to complain to God; Miryam becomes "a metzoraat" and the brothers intercede for her. God hears them and says that she must be isolated for 7 days so that the condition leaves her body.

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