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Parashat Vayetze

פרשת ויצא

ספר בראשית

"And he left"

Y‘aqov, on his way from Beershev‘a to Charan, sleeps and dreams of a ladder connecting Heaven and Earth, with angels ascending and descending; the Lord appears and promises that territory to his descendants. In Charan, Y‘aqov stays to work with his uncle Laban, falls in love with Rachel, his youngest daughter, but is deceived by him and forced to marry first the eldest, Leah. After 20 years, already with a large clan, Y‘aqov decides to follow his path away from Laban; nevertheless, fearing the effect of this decision and flees in fear of his uncle. God, however, appears to Laban in a dream and forbids him to harm his nephew.

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