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Sefer Bereshit

ספר בראשית

ספר תורה

"In the beginning"

God creates the world as we know it: heaven and sea, stars in the sky, plants, animals and the human being, a man and a woman. He wishes to live with his creatures and all live in harmony in a place called Gan Eden |גן עדן| (Paradise), but the humans disobey a divine order and are cast away: it is the begining of History, with the disobedience being its engine. The planet is populated from this couple, but, after a while, humans deviate once more from the good path and God decides to send a flood to Earth, keeping only one family of humans (and a pair of every animal) to start anew from this good seed. He promises not to destroy humanity again.

After things go wrong once more even when humanity stems from this only family, God decides to make a pact with a sole man, who shall create his own family in the right path, which will allow God to follow His desire: to live amongst us here on Earth. God promises this man and his family a long progeny and a good land.

Years later, a terrible famine ravages the region and the family has to seek its survival in Egypt. The Children of Israel will spend more than 400 years there, being enslaved by Pharaoh.

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