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Parashat Ki Tisa

פרשת כי תשא

ספר שמות

"When you take [a census]"

Betzalel and Oholiav, craftsmen with a “wise heart”, are in charge of building the Sanctuary, for which the people must donate half a shekel of silver. The Sabbath becomes observed again. When Moshe takes a long time to return from the mountain, the people are concerned and ask Aharon to make a calf to be worshipped. Upon seeing the worship scene, Moshe, who was coming down from the mountain, destroyed the tablets with the inscribed laws and became very angry. However, he tells God that if He does not forgive the people, He must remove Moshe from the book in which He had inscribed him. God forgives the Children of Israel, but says this sin will have consequences for future generations.

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