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Parashat Lekh Lekha

פרשת לך לך

ספר בראשית

"Go by yourself"

The story of the patriarch Avraham begins here, with God telling him to go from the land of his father to another destiny, one that has been designated for him. Even though it is an order, it is also a perennial test of faith, to which Avraham will have to prove himself fit many times.

On the expression "lekh lekha"

God tells Avram (later Avraham) to go to the land He had ordained... on his own! His father was already going to that place, but he died in the way. Our sages have usually read the expression "lekh lekha" as "go to yourself", but I would like to suggest it means "go by yourself", as in "your father has died, but you must go on anyway". 

This is interesting, because it would mean that Terach, Avram's father, had also been chosen by the Lord to be His chosen family on Earth. We tend to forget that, once Avram is our hero, the first ancestor of the Jewish family; but this text and the preceding ones meant that Terach and his whole household knew the Lord.

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