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Sefer Bemidbar

ספר במדבר

ספר תורה

"In the desert"

God lives in His Tabernacle algon with the Children of Israel. It is time to accomplish another mission: to enter the Promised Land, Ken‘an |כנען|. The people are counted and this journey towards the new land is prepared, this land chosen by God so that the Israelites dwell there and become a numerous people. Close to the borders of Ken‘an, Moshe sends spies to bring him strategic news. The Children of Israel do not trust in their victory over  the inhabitants of the land, showing their little faith in the word of the Lord;  therefore, He determines that another generation, with a different mentality, is the one to enter the Promised Land, which causes the current generation to wander in the desert for many 40 years, going through diverse towns and making war against some peoples.

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