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Sefer Devarim

ספר דברים

ספר תורה


This is the fifth and last book of the Torah; Moshe makes three sermons to the people: in the first one, he reviews everything that has occurred in the people's many years (typically 40) in the desert of Sinai.

The second sermon aludes to the necessity of remaining faithful to the Lord there where other peoples have different habits and faith.

But Moshe explains in the third sermon that, even though the Children of Israel lose themselves and deviate from their faith, it will always be possible to get back to God by the means of sincere repentance.

His leadership is transmitted to Yehoshua bin Nun—one of the spies who did believe in the word of God concerning Israelite victory in the Promised Land—and he will be their guide in the Holy Land. Moshe will not enter it, but see if from afar, only. He will leave the people a farwell song before dying, though.

Moshe gives the Israelites his benediction, look at the Holy Land from Mount Nebo and dies.

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